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Accenian focuses on the core elements around health sectors and the moving landscape of how technology and commercial issues evolve.

Why choose Accenian as your partner platform?

Expertism: with an extensive understanding of the health industry, we bring specialised knowledge to connect you with top-tier talent, contributing to changing people’s life for better. 

Impactful: Our commitment goes beyond placement; striving to make a positive impact on each and every individual we connects. 

Equality and Diversity: At Accenian, we champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. By prioritising fairness, respect we create a work place culture that value individuals for their unique qualities, fostering an environment where both employees and employers thrive. 


Increase in retention


Increase in conversion

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Specialist Vertical Niches We Deliver Within Clients.

Our consultants specialise in these sectors, simplifying the number one problem in the industry: Talent. 


Engineers are at the forefront of innovations. Our vertical are  committed in identifying and placing talent who bring top innovative solutions to your engineering endeavors. 


From impactful product launches and strategic marketing to driving sales and ensuring market access in the health sectors, we can bring varied experiences and insights to enhance your commercial operations. 


Our defined vertical is committed to secure the visionary professionals who will drive innovations, research excellence, and success for your team. 

Quality & Regulatory

The demand for Quality and Regulatory professionals is unparalleled. Our specialist are known to attract top talent and staying updated on the latest industry regulation changes in order to understand exactly what the needs of your search. 

Notified Body

Our experienced team understand the  crucial role on the regulatory process, conducting assessments to ensure that the products comply with applicable standards and regulations, ultimately contributing to the safety and efficacy of healthcare products in the market. 

Real World Evidence

RWE is increasingly valuable in healthcare decision-making, regulatory assessments, and healthcare research, offering a broader understanding of how treatments perform in diverse patient population and real-world conditions. 

Unlock your teams potential.

We work with some of the leading executive and team coaches in the work that can come in and work along side us to deliver career, leadership and management style sessions.

Reporting & analytics

If you want to understand the leadership qualities or emotional intelligence of your team then we can give you access to reports and analytics on your team to help identify key areas of development or potential red flags.

We recommend leadership teams take these tests before implementing on the wider team.

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